Mobile Phone Integration with the Internet Helpful Services

By watching videos of the Grameen – ­ AppLab in Uganda it is so obvious how large the benefits of mobile phones, especially in the distribution of information on the area and users are very varied. However, although the same  primary purpose and target marginalized communities, but each region will need different approaches, this is of course adjusted to the conditions and needs that exist in that place. For Indonesia with the rate of spread and use of mobile phone technology that is good enough , certainly what’s on Uganda can be improved both in terms of technology and function.

Frankly, I see now the center of all information technology is the internet with all sorts of services. If the Internet can be applied to mobile phones, either by accessing the internet via mobile phone (as a modem or directly) or whether to integrate some useful Internet services to marginalized communities with a standard mobile phone features.

For direct Internet access is now very common in Indonesia, only requires the device from end user side which is still difficult to access by marginalized communities. While integration indirectly is the best in my opinion, where we can make the gateway to the integration of services options that are useful to society, such as SMS integration with email or mailing list, with forums on the internet, search engines, and a portal which specifically designed to provide information.


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