Apakah Microsoft akan lebih ramah dengan Open Source pasca pensiunnya Bill Gates?

Seru baca-baca diskusi di Slashdot tentang kebijakan di Microsoft terhadap Open Source setelah pensiunnya Bill Gates. Berikut postingan pembuka diskusinya;

“Now that Gates has ‘retired’ from Microsoft, ZDNet is speculating that Microsoft will become much more Open Source friendly. From the article, ‘We already see quite a different approach to dealing with OSS and OSS companies from Sam Ramji’s group [which is] doing a great job in establishing dialog,’ said Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange and a former marketing exec at SUSE Linux. ‘With Gates’ departure, the only mammoth remaining is Ballmer. With him away in a near future, Microsoft will definitely open up. They have to.'”

Sebagian besar sih meragukan, seperti komentar ini;

Oh right, after rigging the ISO process with OOXML and their triumph over open standards [robweir.com] they’re going to go open source? Balmer is still in charge and despite “retiring” Gates is still the executive chairman at Microsoft. There’s no evidence of change — this article is ridiculous.

So what would be evidence of change? Well, they’d need to move to an OSS compatible business model for starters but right now they’re still mostly about selling boxes of software. They don’t have a services-side in the same way that IBM do..


atau bahkan yang seperti ini;

I think Microsoft will end up announcing that Vista will be free for non-commercial use.

They wont release the source code but Windows will end up being free. They spread enough FUD that it wouldn’t be hard to to convince a lot of people that free=open source. But better than open source because you don’t have to set-up complex compilers and development environments you just need the binaries (yes i know but its FUD remember). Better because it stops someone inserting malicious code into the source.. the usual FUD.

They sell Windows to schools so cheap just to stop Linux getting much of a foothold anyway that giving it away wont make that much difference. They’ll still charge for Vista Ultimate/Pro/Uber-bloat or whatever its called but tie it in with online services.. for a small monthly fee. Vista for free and get Office/their gaming gaming thing/online media services for $15 per month.

Oh ya, walaupun sedikit ada juga yang cukup optimis, seperti ini;

I feel like Microsoft has taken some important steps towards playing nice with Open Source, and encouraging interoperability. Some examples include projects like IronPython, the WIX Installer tools, the fact that Silverlight actually supports at least one non-Windows platform, and the extremely detailed communications protocol documents recently released on MSDN. Sure, part of this has been for legal compliance reasons, and it turns out customers value things like interoperability.

I think there’s a subtler reason that will become more apparent in the coming years. Microsoft needs to hire new employees if it wants to stay relevant, and it competes with the likes of Google and others for these new hires. It also happens that probably the very best college candidates are the ones that have contributed to open source projects. These are the students that went beyond what their curriculum required of them, and showed the drive to understand and contribute to a real-world project on their spare time. This kind of experience is valuable in a new hire, but many of them would be turned off by an anti open source attitude and look for more open source-friendly employers. In other words, to attract the best young minds (which is crucial to Microsoft’s long term success), Microsoft is going to have to become much more friendly to open source projects.

Hmmm… kalau menurut Bair sendiri *siapa yang nanya lu Ir?*, que sera sera aja deh, toh di dunia emang harus ada yang jadi seperti Microsoft :), kalo tidak Microsoft pasti akan ada nama lain tapi tetteuuupp dengan attribute dan metodh yang sama heheh.

Menurut kalian sendiri gimana?


One thought on “Apakah Microsoft akan lebih ramah dengan Open Source pasca pensiunnya Bill Gates?

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